About us

Pharmatis is, as always, a company on a human scale, with multidiscipline,
responsive teams that listen to their customers. It provides a
local relationship, with advice on technical matters and regulations and
personalised support for the creation or development of product ranges,
offering full-service solutions.
Pharmatis has a dedicated CSR policy, paying particular attention to
impact on the environment and quality of life at work. In 1998, it was the
first pharmaceutical company to be awarded ISO 14 001 certification.
Expertise, exacting standards, transparency, integrity, respect and
flexibility form the basis of all collaboration.

• 20 years’ experience 

• 250 employees  

• 25 clients  

• 60 million units a year

 • 50 references

120 SKUs

66 % of sales are exports

15 production lines operating 7 days a week

5 000 m2 production space