Pharmatis specialises in single-dose conditioning of liquids, semi-liquids, sachets and ampules and was the creator of the first “Pharmastick®” stick packs. In 10 years, the company has doubled its production capacity and is still expanding. It has been manufacturing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements and veterinary products for many years now. Now backed by a French investment fund, it is reinforcing and speeding up the operation of
its R&D Department and pursuing a proactive development strategy in France and abroad.

Pharmatis implements a system tailored specifically to each project, covering flexible formulation and development of any liquid or semi-liquid product, up to the time of registration: Formulation – Analytical development and transfer – Stability- Production of clinical batches – Preparation of the CTD document – Quality control – European and international regulations – Purchasing and inspection of raw materials – Manufacture/production – Conditioning, serialisation, tamper evidence, aggregation – Logistics.


Certifications BPF

GMP: medicines for human use, experimental medicines
(MNRA/FDA) and veterinary medicines (FSA/FDA)